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The impact of response options ordering on respondents’ answers to rating questions: results of two experiments

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International Journal of Social Research Methodology: Theory and Practice. 2019. Vol. 22. No. 2. P. 179-198.

Book chapter
Human Capital and Innovations in Education

Sidorkin A. M.

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Entrance exams

There are Spring and Fall application periods. 
Entrance exams for Spring application are held on 2-20 April, 2018.
Entrance exams for Fall application are held on the periond from 24 September till 12 October, 2018.There are 2 entrance exams: Foreign language  and  Special discipline

1. Foreign language (English, French, German, Spanish)
Entrance examination in a foreign language isare evaluated on 50-point scale. The score from 1 to 14 points is considered unsatisfactory. Evaluation of 15-50 points is considered satisfactory.
If you submit and internationally recognized language certificate, the foreign language exam requirement is waived.

Grade conversion tables are below:

English language  German language        French language 

Applicants who have completed an English-taught Master's programme do not have to take an exam in English.

English native speakers do not have to take an exam.

2. Special discipline

Entrance examinations in the specialty are assessed on a 100-point scale.The score from 1 to 14 points is considered unsatisfactory. An evaluation of 14-100 points is considered satisfactory.
Entrance examination programme 2018.pdf

Examination location: Moscow

The exam may be taken via Internet call services Examus. Permission must be sought from the Doctoral school at an early stage.