The doctoral school of art and design is based at the HSE campus in Moscow. Graduate students receive training and hands-on experience in 'Fine and Applied Arts and Architecture', which includes the following profiles:

- Art history and theory;

- Sociocultural, economic and political contexts of art and design;

- Sociology of art and cultural industries;

- Art and its institutions, the contemporary artistic process and the institutional aspect of the dynamics of visual arts;

- History and theory of architecture;

- Fashion theory

The Doctoral School of Art and Design is a programme of a new format that opens up opportunities for our students and graduates to develop professionally not only in the field of academic research or teaching, but also in the field of sociocultural design. Our PhD students gain research skills and master the applied skills of project work in the field.

The educational programme of the doctoral school of art and design provides a unique opportunity to combine research with an applied project on the basis of the dissertation materials. Projects may take the form of:

an exhibition project, which can be implemented in a virtual space or at one of the museums or galleries that are partnered with the doctoral school;

an educational online project;

a publishing project, etc.

Our graduate students are free to develop their own topic independently or in collaboration with their academic advisors. Our doctoral school is a community of scholars and experts with a wide variety of academic interests that span from contemporary art, comic books and video games to cinematography, performance and wearable technologies. Our doctoral school is a design laboratory that unites theorists and practitioners of art and design alike.

If you are ready to immerse yourself in serious research and yet you are also eager to see how your academic studies can find continuation in applied projects — come to the Doctoral School of Art and Design and we will do it together!