For Postgraduate Students


Programme Curriculum includes mandatory and optional courses, research activities and internships necessary for successful completion of doctoral studies. When creating their personal study plans, students list the courses, internships and research activities in accordance with the Curriculum.

The curriculum contains three elements:

  • Courses (mandatory and optional)
  • Internships (research field experience and teaching field experience)
  • Research (mandatory and variable parts)


Doctoral studies curriculum (as of 2022):

The Field of Study/ Period

5.6.1 Russian History

5.6.2 General History

5.6.3 Archeology

5.6.5 Historiography, source study and methods of historical research

2022 - 2025


Curriculum 2022 (PDF, 266 Кб)

2021 - 2024

Curriculum 2021 (PDF, 270 Кб)

2020 - 2023

Curriculum 2020 (XLSX, 20 Кб)