Internship Mobility

Doctoral schools provide an opportunity to international doctoral students to undertake part of their study or research at HSE.

Internship programme
Steps to apply
Requirements for the internship programme for trainees of the Doctoral School of History
Information on visa, registration fee and accommodation

Internship programme
Research stays involve conducting research, receiving guidance from an academic supervisor employed at HSE and participating in all academic events held at HSE.

Study stays involve not only academic supervision and research activities but also an opportunity to take classes at HSE.

Visiting Research students should be current PhD students at another institution.

Steps to apply

1. Choose your programme (study stays) or potential doctoral supervisor (research stays).

Who is a doctoral supervisor and how do I find one?

Your doctoral supervisor will be an HSE academic staff member who has experience in your specific field and who will act as your academic mentor.  The first step in applying is to identify the doctoral school is relevant to your proposed research topic. Then, through the programme and school that it is connected to, you will be able to identify a potential supervisor (in the case of  research stays).

All HSE academics have their own pages on our website which feature their research interests and publications. Academic staff welcome enquiries from potential doctoral students, so you are free to contact them by  email. 

We would recommend that you send a short summary of your research interest to the Director and the manager in your chosen Doctoral  school . They will then forward your email on to the most appropriate academic. 

2. Contact the manager of the doctoral school and email them the following documents:

  Application form
  Approval of the potential doctoral supervisor at HSE (in the case of 
research stays)
  Reference from the academic supervisor at your home university

  Plan for your stay at HSE:  Internship_research   or    Study stay 

The plan is coordinated with the Head of the Doctoral  school and potential doctoral supervisor (in the case of  research stays)  by email.

Requirements for the internship programme for trainees of the Doctoral School of History

The internship plan at the Doctoral School of History necessarily includes an educational component that is formed individually for each trainee on the basis of the educational programme of the Doctoral School of History in agreement with the scientific supervisor of the internship and Academic Director of the Doctoral School.
Trainees interested in undertaking courses can select them from the curriculum 
The trainee has the opportunity to either master the selected course/courses or select specific topics of interest from the Course Programme/Programmes [*]
The postgraduate school recommends trainees to participate in the Research Seminar under the guidance of Professor Irina M. Savelieva.
During the internship, the trainee must score at least 10 points with an internship duration of 10 months; With a shorter duration of the internship, the minimum score is calculated in proportion to the duration of the internship. Participation in one class is estimated at 1 point.
At the end of the internship, the trainee provides a report on the development of the educational internship programme in writing.

[*] Date and time of the class on a particular topic can be learned from the Academic Director of the Doctoral school.

Information on visa, registration fee and accommodation

In order to visit HSE, you will need a study visa. Applications for academic visits are accepted throughout the entire academic year, but bear in mind that you will need around 2 months to obtain a Russian visa.

NEW. From January 2020 you may stay in the country only for 90 days. If you plan a longer internship you need to leave the country and enter with a new visa. You may apply for a new visa invitation while still in Russia.

Registration Fee

Research stay – 250 euro for the entire visit, paid in roubles at the exchange rate on the day of payment.

Study stay – 500 euro per month, paid in roubles at the exchange rate on the day of payment.

When the internship is extended, the organizational fee is paid for a new period of stay.

NOTE: Doctoral students from the universities that have signed a partnership agreement with HSE do not have to pay the registration fee.


You must sign the agreement and pay the registration fee no later than the date of your arrival.

On the day of your arrival, you must also send a scan of your migration card and visa to the following email:


The places in the university dormitories are not provided.