Internship in a foreign university or research center is a mandatory for every Advanced doctoral student at the second year of study (3rd for 4 years study period).

The main purpose of the internship is to conduct research on the topic of the thesis. The internship programme is determined jointly with the scientific supervisor, the Academic director of the  Doctoral School and the scientific supervisor from host university. Usually it includes the following activities: participation in the research projects, listening to training courses, participation in seminars and workshops.

The duration of the internship is usually 1 semester.

The result of the internship is primarily a scientific text - part of a dissertation or an article in English - written during the internship.

Reporting on the internship should reflect the scientific results achieved. First of all, a report on the results of the internship at the next research seminar (workshop) of the Doctoral School is expected after the internship. In addition, a short description of the work done, written by a the scientific supervisor from host university, is provided. Certificates (with grades) on the passage of courses and seminars and a brief description of the heads of research projects are also provided, if this was provided for by the internship program.

Financing of the internship is carried out at the expense of the Advanced Doctoral programme.It includes:two-way ticket, accommodation, visa and consular fees, medical insurance, internal movement within the country,training courses at the host university. Also during the internship, doctoral students continue to receive a scholarship of Advanced Doctoral programme.