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Full-time Advanced Doctoral Programme

HSE full-time Advanced Doctoral Programme offers:

  • training according to international PhD standards
  • research under the supervision of international scholars
  • scholarships of 30 000 roubles a month and part-time job opportunities on HSE research projects
  • research internships abroad
  • courses in English

Currently, HSE offers programmes in the following fields of study:

01.06.01 Mathematics and Mechanics  
02.06.01 Computer and Information Sciences 09.06.01 Computer Science and Engineering
37.06.01 Psychology 38.06.01 Economics
39.06.01 Social Sciences 41.06.01 Political Science and Area Studies
44.06.01 Education 45.06.01 Philology
46.06.01 History and Archeology 47.06.01 Philosophy, Ethics and Religious Studies

The Full-time Advanced Doctoral Programme is a special programme for HSE doctoral students. The main feature of the programme is an obligatory educational part. During the first year of study, doctoral students take advanced courses in basic professional disciplines, as well as courses developing their academic knowledge and skills. The second year includes specialized courses, which are partly taught at HSE, and partly at international universities.

The Programme is similar to international post-graduate programmes, such as PhD programmes at U.S. universities, and not only includes an obligatory educational part, but also presumes that students will spend their full working day at their faculty, department, or research centre. This means that they take an active part in events organized by the research department. This requirement aims to focus doctoral students on academic development and better adjust them to the academic environment.

New Migration Rules for All Foreign Citizens on Account of 2018 FIFA World Cup

From May 25 to July 25 2018 all foreign citizens  must be registered within 72 hours* upon their arrival

Admission for Doctoral Studies Kicks Off

Applications are now being accepted for HSE doctoral programmes. The 2018 procedure is similar to that used by many international universities: exams can be sat online and in English, and HSE can now confer its own academic degrees. Sergey Roshchin, HSE Vice Rector, told the HSE News Service about how the procedure has changed.

Admission to HSE Was a Key Event in My Life

Ekaterina Vasilevskaya is a second year student on the full-time advanced doctoral programme, and also a visiting lecturer at HSE. Since 2016, she has participated in the 'Health Literacy and Its Impact on Weight-Related Behaviors in College Students’ research project at Florida International University, USA. In her interview for the Doctoral School of Psychology, Ekaterina spoke about being admitted to the HSE doctoral programme, and her studies.

Admissions for HSE Doctoral Programmes Now Open

New regulations simplifying admissions to HSE’s doctoral programmes have been approved. The procedure includes two application waves that consider personal achievements, and offers more opportunities for those who speak foreign languages. Vice Rector Sergey Roshchin told us more about the changes.


International Applications Open for HSE Doctoral Programmes

PhD workshop and PhD seminar. XVIII April International Academic Conference on Economic and Social Development

How One PhD Graduate Became an Assistant Professor at a University Abroad

Anna Sokolova, who completed a full-time advanced doctoral programme at the HSE Doctoral School of Economics and is an instructor in the Department of Theoretical Economics, has been offered a position as an Assistant Professor at the University of Nevada, Reno, demonstrating the high demand for graduates of HSE doctoral programmes on the international academic job market.

HSE Among the Leaders in Project 5-100

HSE has become one of three Russian universities to receive maximum points for the implementation of the Russian Academic Excellence Project. These results were announced following a meeting of the Council on Enhancing the Competitiveness of Leading Russian Universities among the Global Rresearch and Education Centres.

HSE Doctoral Student Develops E-thesaurus for the Russian Language

Daniil Alexeevsky, doctoral student in Philology, presented the final part of his thesis on the development of a large electronic lexical database of the Russian language, similar to Princeton’s Wordnet.

HSE Offers Traineeship Opportunities for International Doctoral Students

Doctoral schools provide an opportunity for international doctoral students to undertake part of their study or research at HSE. The university offers two types of traineeships – research and study. The study stay involves taking courses from the HSE doctoral schools. The research stay offers the opportunity to work with a particular academic advisor or at an international research laboratory or centre; gain access to international full-text and abstract databases, journals and books; and attend graduate seminars.