Joint Master's-PhD programme

The program is designed for graduate students enrolled for full-tuition scholarship in 2020.

Participation in the competition for admission to a joint track is possible only for 1st year graduates.

List of applicants

List of recommended for enrollment

Application period is now closed.

The applications will be considered by specialized selection commissions on September 15-30, 2020.

  • Features of the program at the stage Master

    Individual Study Plan

    1. Mandatory inclusion of disciplines aimed at developing academic skills.

    2. Inclusion of disciplines for preparation for passing the candidate (qualification) exam in the specialty.

    3. Participation in a research project.

    The ability to choose disciplines / practices from educational programs and master's, and postgraduate studies.

    Master's thesis as the basis of PhD

    Themes of the course work / thesis and the candidacy of the scientific supervisor of the graduate are coordinated by the Academic Council of the profile Doctoral School.

    Leading scientists from partner universities can be involved in scientific co-supervision of a master's student.


    A scholarship from the month of enrollment to the program until the end of the master's program (June 30) in the amount of 50 thousand rubles.

    Dismissal from the track is possible only simultaneously with the expulsion from the master's degree.

  • Features of the program at the stage of PhD

    Admission to Doctoral Programme

    1. Admission of participants of a single track to Doctoral school, in accordance with the legislation of the Russian Federation, on a general basis. However, the formation of an appropriate portfolio during their master's studies will allow the track participants to successfully pass the entrance tests.

    Doctoral student individual study plan

    The main laboriousness of the doctoral program is work on the text of the PhD thesis and publications.

    The implementation of the "disciplinary" component of the program is envisaged at the stage of "master's degree".


    Doctoral students on joint track receive a stipend of 70 thousand rubles per month.

    Confirmation of participation in a joint track is checked at annual assessment.