Combined Master's-PhD track

The programme is designed for graduate students enrolled on full-tuition scholarships in 2021.

Applications are open to 1st year Master's students only.

List of applicants

  • Programme features at master's level

    Individual Curriculum

    1. Mandatory courses aimed at developing academic skills.

    2. Preparatory courses for a PhD qualification exam in the chosen field of study.

    3. Participation in a research project.

    It is possible to choose from a pool of Master's and doctoral programme courses and internships

    Master's thesis as a foundation for PhD

    Topics of term papers, theses and the scientific supervisors of master's students are to be approved by the Academic Council of the corresponding Doctoral School.

    Leading scientists from partner universities can be involved in the co-supervision of master's students.


    A scholarship from the month of enrollment until the end of a master's programme (June 30) in the amount of 50 thousand rubles.

    Dismissal from the track is possible only simultaneously with the expulsion from the master's degree.

  • Programme features at PhD level

    Admission to Doctoral Programme

    1. Admission of participants of a combined Master's- PhD track to a doctoral school is held in accordance with the legislation of the Russian Federation. However, professional portfolios created during their master's studies will allow track participants to successfully pass entrance exams.

    Individual Curriculum

    The bulk of the work at the doctoral level involves writing a thesis and research articles.

    All the required courses can be taken during master's studies.


    Doctoral students on a combined track receive a stipend of 70 thousand rubles per month.

    Participation in a combined track must be regularly confirmed during annual assessment

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